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You can't design UX in a boardroom.

Denise Haak, CEO

  • "The task of defining user experience gaps and opportunities within banking is massive. We chose QUIDDITY as they immediately stood out among the sea of 'digital' agencies as having breadth and depth of expertise within digital products usability and importantly, they offered a bespoke solution based on our needs and the company's resources. I could not be happier with the output of the research which the QUIDDITY team gamely and patiently collaborated with me on to ensure that the results would be eye-opening and actionable to both senior stakeholders and working-level team members within the bank."

    Jose Anton Torres

    Vice President - Head of Strategic Marketing

  • "Trustworthy and reliable, you can always depend upon Denise and team to consistently deliver quality work. Coupled with their objective views and inputs, our UX design becomes more wholesome and inclusive that cater better to a wider array of personas.
    Look forward to more great stuff!"

    Bernard Tan

    Program Director – Loyalty Division

  • "Quiddity revolutionized the way our internal and external teams interact, ensuring optimal user experience. We appreciate their flexibility and ability to timely respond to unexpected changes and challenges at hand. Working with Quiddity, with the superb knowledge and skills of their team, made us confident that we have a reliable partner in making sure that our promise to offer topnotch business solutions are realized."

    Mia Alderite

    Product Manager

  • "Doing the user testing as the dev was just starting allowed us catch some significant flaws in the app flow, even prior to beta testing. This saved us huge amounts of rework that would have had to be done before launching our app."

    Martin Luchangco


  • "We chose to work with Quiddity because we were big believers in their process. We immediately embraced the structured and data-driven validation process that they employed for our project and how they were able to adapt quickly to our changing needs. Needless to say, we would love to work with them again!"

    Ashley Flores

    COO/Managing Partner