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About Quiddity

Why We Exist

Our mission is to make the world a better place by building products that people can actually use.

As the leading User Experience company in the Philippines, we specialize in designing, testing and building digital products that are grounded on usability principles - which includes everything from User Research and Usability Testing, to UX/UI Design and Information Architecture.

We can build products for you from scratch, or if you just need consultancy work for products that you are building yourself, we can do that too!

How We Help

In a way, we act as mediators between products and people. Because very often, products don’t speak human, and humans don’t speak product.

We help businesses discover deep insights about their users and advocate design decisions that not only solve problems, but create breakout innovations as well.

How We Work

We have four service pillars that help us provide the best possible experience for users, while still protecting our clients’ interests and business goals.
  • Discover
    Understanding users is where any good product design process should start. Conducting user research, in-depth interviews, contextual inquiries and shadowing exercises helps us get to know our users to uncover their latent needs, motivations, triggers and fears.
  • Design
    There is always a need to balance usability with aesthetic. Something that works but doesn’t look visually appealing fails as much as a pretty product with no functional value. During the design phase, we are hyper-focused on delivering against these two requisites.
  • Distill
    Getting the right design is one thing, but getting that design right is entirely another. We don’t stop at the first version of any design, but work tirelessly to test and iterate each of our products until they pass usability heuristics, quality standards, and user acceptance.
  • Develop
    In order to guarantee both timely deployments and quality releases, we employ the AGILE methodology to our development phase, breaking down deliverables into workable chunks and releasing potentially shippable increments of a product over time in sprints.