Our Culture

Quiddity thrives in a Results-Only Work Environment that uses pioneering methodologies to help us work smarter and faster. We shun bureaucracy and entitlements, and focus on meaning what we say and finishing what we start. Ours is a culture of diversity, respect, accountability and gratitude.

Our Values

  • We are driven by passion.

    We jump with both feet in and both eyes open.

    We do not stop until we get it right.

    We are self-motivated, zealous, courageous and fierce.
  • We are always eager and constantly learning.

    We do not stick to one idea or method.

    We do not fall in love with the first draft.

    We want to get better.
  • We are never boastful.

    We remember where we came from.

    We don't rest in our laurels.

    We're satisfied simply when people tell us we did a good job.
  • We work as a team and treat each other as equals.

    We understand that no work can be done alone.

    We respect and rely on each other's expertise.

    We value diversity.
  • We are honest and resourceful in our work and intentions.

    We do not abuse the work of others.

    We are fair in all our dealings with clients and partners.

    We are people centered.
  • We are unfailingly resourceful.

    We do not know the meaning of the word "impossible".

    We understand that sometimes we have to break the rules.

    We thrive in adversity and find ways to make it work.

Our Teams

One of the best things about working at QUIDDITY is being part of such an awesome team! We may be lean, but we’re tough, agile, and passionate about UX.

We’re tinkers and thinkers that like to think crazy and play curious.
  • Human Factors Team
    Our team attempts to uncover latent needs and implicit behaviors through user research, to provide unique and actionable insights that fuel the other teams' design decisions.
  • Design Team
    Our team makes sure that our products are not only easy to use and visually engaging, but address user needs and motivations while simultaneously meeting our clients' requirements.
  • Dev Team
    For the projects that call for an tangible software product, our team translates the designs, plans and requirements provided by the other teams into usable applications.
  • Business Team
    Our team leads the day-to-day operations and ensures that we meet the business objectives of client and at the same time deliver good user experience.