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  • A Quick Guide to Invisible Design
    August 09, 2018
    Best Practice
    What does it mean when they say good design should be invisible? We’ve put together a quick guide on how to approach design enhancements within the construct of keeping them invisible.
  • Mindblowing Mondays: Types of Vision
    June 18, 2018
    Design Tips
    As humans, we have two types of vision – our central vision, and our peripheral vision. While peripheral vision on the surface may not seem as important, we actually get a lot of information about our environment from it than we may think.
  • Mindblowing Mondays: Flow State
    June 11, 2018
    Design Tips
    Some of the most satisfying product experiences are the ones that users can get fully immersed in - the ones that are able to put users into a state of flow. However, what are the factors that we have to consider in inducing and maintaining this immersion?
  • Wow Wednesdays: Lazada
    June 06, 2018
    Design Tips
    When you order something online, eCommerce apps and websites usually inform users about their order status. Again, users would want to see information about their order, payment and when it's ready for delivery.
  • Mindblowing Mondays: Fogg's Behavior Model
    June 04, 2018
    Design Tips
    User behavior is a tricky thing; sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint why users do or do not perform certain actions or why certain behaviors do or do not occur. Luckily, there is a model that could help us with this.
  • Wow Wednesdays: HonestBee
    May 30, 2018
    Design Tips
    When doing online transactions, it's supposed to be fast, convenient and hassle-free. There's the expected guarantee that there is little to almost no waiting to pay. So it's very important that users are able to see their payment status -- not just whether the transaction was successful or not, but even letting users know that their payment is being processed is very helpful.