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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

All About UX

  • What is UX?
    UX or User Experience, is about making products for real people who live in the real world. Often, it means putting aside your personal preferences and expertise in favor of what actual users need and want. Learn more about that here.
  • Is UX the same as User-Centered Design? Human-Centered Design? Design Thinking?
    These terms all pertain to the study and practice of designing solutions with end users in mind, focusing on human needs when making design decisions. Learn more about their differences and similarities here.
  • Why would our business need UX?
    When people can easily navigate and operate your site (or app or system), they'll keep coming back to use it. And when people keep coming back, you get massive brownie points in customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and of course, profitability.
  • Where can we get training/education on UX?
    We offer customized training programs for your varrying business needs. Drop us a line and we'll whip up a proposal for you.