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Our Services

Usability Inspection

You can tap our in-house usability experts and even our partner consultants around the world to inspect your product and rate it against standard usability principles practiced across the globe.
  • Heuristic Evaluation
    Heuristics are a standard set of principles that products and systems must adhere to in order to be considered useful. We employ both the widely-used Nielsen’s Heuristics and the more recent Weinschenk & Barker Heuristics in our reviews.
  • Cognitive Walkthrough
    Sometimes you need to step out of your own head and walk in your user’s shoes. Cognitive Walkthroughs mean being critical with the critical path and identifying if a product's conceptual model is congruent with the user’s mental model.
  • Pluralistic Walkthrough
    This is a workshop involving a team of designers, developers, and usability specialists working together with a group of users and go through task scenarios as a team. Gaps are identified and addressed as each task is undertaken.
  • Guidelines Review
    When a company has specific and mandatory design guidelines, we can run through a product assessing its adherence and compliance to those guidelines. This process is especially helpful when there are multiple products being used simultaneously.
  • Consistency Inspection
    The last thing you’d want is for your product’s individual parts to not look like the whole. Consistency Inspections guarantee that the words, content, typography and other interface elements are uniform throughout the product.
  • Expert Review
    Our in-house experts can do a series of reviews and audits to measure the usability of your portal. We use a combination of Heuristics Evaluations and a 9-part Expert Review Checklist to ensure a comprehensive inspection and subsequent report of findings.
  • Competitive Audit
    We can duplicate the methodology of an Expert Review and apply it across several products within the same category. This audit results in a scorecard that reflects a product's performance against the best and the worst in the industry.
  • Website Audit
    This is a unique method created by our in-house experts to check a product using 6 design pillars. A website audit is best used when you need a quick but reliable method to assess your product's over-all user experience.