Usability Testing

The best way to know if people can actually use your product is to have them, well, use it. Usability Testing puts your product directly in the hands on real-world users, to unearth valuable insights about how and why they use it.

  • User Testing

    The heart of any UX design process, this involves putting a product directly in the hands of real-world users to determine compliance with the ISO 9241-11 guidance on usability. Usability Testing can be done in a lab, remotely, or even your office hallway.

  • Card Sorting

    Card Sorting helps us discover how users would arrange or group together pieces of information, and where they would go to find that information. This type of test aids in building the information architecture.

  • Label Testing

    A label by any other name would maybe not work as well. Deceivingly inconsequential, labels can make or break a user experience, affecting comprehension, navigation, action, and conversion.

  • Preference Testing

    When you have two or three equally strong designs, we can run a preference test with users to determine which design delivers most against pre-determined attributes such as credibility, expertise, and security.

  • Concept Viability Testing

    Before a product even gets built, we can test the viability of it at the concept stage. We can measure potential demand for the product, confirm if you’ve identified the right target market, and predict when’s the best time to launch.

  • Competitive Testing

    Want to know how your product fares against competitors in your industry? We can run a highly-comprehensive comparative user test to measure product performances in terms of task completion, speed of use, and user satisfaction.