UX Strategy

Defining key project objectives lifted from business or creative requirements, and balancing these against user needs derived from user research is paramount when creating an optimal user experience.

  • User Personas

    Personas are the hypothesized representation of your users. While they are derived from actual or potential users, each persona is written with a singular dimension, allowing designers and developer to focus of their goals and behaviors.

  • User Stories

    User Stories paint a short but comprehensive narrative of how people would benefit from using a product. User Stories identify who the user is, what they need from a product, and why this would make a difference in their lives.

  • Red Routes

    Not all functionalities are created equal, and there are those that are more integral to the user’s journey than others. Red Routes help us identify the most crucial features and functionalities needed for users to complete tasks.

  • User Journeys

    User journeys break down the steps and touchpoints users go through to complete tasks and achieve goals. We use these to determine product structures and workflows, and address any pains or gaps in their current journey.

  • Features & Functionalities

    Taking cues from user research and personas, we can outline the specific features and functionalities users would need to see and use in a system. These may be taken from benchmarked products or created bespoke for their needs.

  • Structures & Maps

    A subset of information architecture, organizing and presenting content in an intuitive, unintimidating way is crucial to ensuring users can easily know where they are, find what they're looking for and understand what they're looking at.